Hey there! I’m Gina… Owner and Head Technical Assistant at The Virtual Benefit, Inc. I started The Virtual Benefit in 2009 to help entrepreneurs (and small businesses) like you tackle the technical headaches that go along with setting up your internet marketing funnels and membership sites.

Most people think I’m crazy because I love…

Challenging my brain by working hard to solve technical problems for clients.

Connecting all of the dots… AKA – integrating all of the platforms and setting up all of the pieces that go into internet marketing funnels and membership sites.

Taking on the tech stuff so you can enjoy peace and calmness during the otherwise insane world of product launches!

My goal is to help other women by taking the overwhelming stress and headaches out of the integrations & setups of their internet marketing funnels... from membership site setups, email marketing funnels, and all the way through full blown product launches.

All the tech stuff aside, here's a little more about me…

I’ve been married to the same lucky fella (♥Larry) for over 36 years now!

I was born and raised in Alabama; but currently live in Indiana due to my husband’s business transfer (many years ago!).

I was a SAHM with 5 children for over 24 years, and loved every minute of it (thank you, Larry!)

I started The Virtual Benefit in 2009 after my husband lost his job due to the overbearing corporate crunch at the time; and haven’t looked back.

In my world, FAMILY always comes first!

I love dogs (well... honestly, critters of all kinds) and have way too many!

I am SOOO THANKFUL for the many wonderful people that have come into my life... and the many opportunities that have been given to me since starting TVB. I could not have done it without them!

So, in a nutshell, I love deep diving into the technical aspects of internet marketing and taking the stress and overwhelm off the your plate! Yes, most think it's crazy... but I truly enjoy it!